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Law4Digital helps start-up companies grow
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Start-up Companies

Grow Your Business

In order to set up a company in Romania you need to choose the business form and the company name. The most common forms of business in Romania are the Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company and Branches.

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Banking & Finance

CORPORATE LENDING AND LEVERAGED FINANCE The Firm offers advice to financial institutions and borrowers alike on bilateral and syndicated corporate lending, leveraged finance and asset finance transactions, on the secondary loan market, on distressed business restructuring deals, and on fresh money and distressed debt trading. The Firm also advises on structured finance and derivatives. BANKING and FINTECH PRODUCTS The lawyers team have extensive expertise in the area of consumer banking, fintech credits, as well as credit cards, mortgage and consumer finance, asset finance, and commodities and trade finance transactions. The team also advises on the distance selling of financial services by online credit products. REGULATORY Similarly, the lawyers team have an outstanding track record on financial regulatory advice. Moreover, our lawyers have experience in advising on the rules of conduct for supervised institutions and on aspects relating to credit institution discipline and control legislation, anti-money laundering policy, requests for guidance submitted to supervisory authorities, and inspection or enforcement procedures by Romanian National Bank, the Enforcement Office of the Anti-Money Laundering (O.N.P.C.S.B) or the Romanian National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC). This practice area also includes issues relating to payment and e-money institutions, where we have gained considerable experience since the entry into force of legislation specifically regulating this field.

Law4Digital offers digital law services to protect you and your data
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Digital Law Services

Protect Your Data and  Comply with Data Protection Regulations

Our Data Protection lawyers advice on your company's obligations under GDPR and prepare agreements to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. Law4Digital team has experience adressing Data Protection in a wide variety of areas including marketing, on-line business, licensing and technology. Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn?  Let us guide you.

Trademark & Patents

Achieve Your Goals

Trademarks are valuable assets for a business. They reinforce the distinctive capacity, create more commercial strength, enhance the competitive position and make the company more attractive for investors. Intellectual property therefore plays a prominent role in a business strategy, which can be supported by the knowledge and experience of the trademark attorneys. Intellectual property rights (IP rights), such as patents, are not a goal in themselves, but a means to an end: a way of resisting competitors, for example, or generating income from licenses. Our advice will help you to manage your intellectual property rights in the most effective way, and take the necessary action to protect them, so that you can achieve your strategic ambitions.

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